923 - 927 BROAD STREET

Located on the East Side of the town square, the Broad Street building is a combination of commercial sensibilities and residential convenience.  The two commercial properties on the street have ample retail space and street visibility.  The southernmost commercial location also has a large storage area for inventory or retail usage!  The five apartments on the second floor rent from 380 to 575 dollars apiece, depending on the layout and livable space, which ranges from spacious one and two-bedroom apartments.  The apartments have ample natural lighting, thanks to windows on the sides of the building, as well as skylights, which is easier on your electric bill and the environment!  Apartment 1 is rented as a one to two bedroom apartment and is fully furnished with appliances, beds and furniture!  As always, contact Bill or Norma for current pricing and availability!

APARTMENT 1 (Single to Two Bedroom)

APARTMENT 3 (Single Bedroom)

APARTMENT 4 (Two Bedroom)

APARTMENT 5 (Two Bedroom)