Rozendaal Rentals is committed to providing quality homes at affordable prices to tenants from all walks of life.  Take a virtual tour of any of the following properties which are currently or may soon become available for rent!  PLEASE NOTE MANY OF THESE PROPERTIES ARE CURRENTLY INHABITED BY LONG-TERM TENANTS.  As such, the ability to offer a lease cannot be guaranteed.  All monthly rental prices listed on the website are merely estimates based on values within the last five years and are subject to change without notice at any time due to constant upgrading and improvements to all our properties.  As always, contact Bill or Norma for current pricing and availability of these great housing opportunities!  Some photographs shown are of homes which are currently inhabited; it is important to note all furniture, aesthetic novelties and decor are never left in houses and will be removed when the current tenants change their residences.

306 2nd Avenue
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613 6th Avenue

615 2nd Avenue

705 West Street

709 Main Street

713 Main Street

804-810 Commercial Street

814 High Street

831 Main Street

901 Main Street

912-918 Main Street

923-927 Broad Street

1014 High Street

1021 High Street

1033 Reed Street

1126 Broad Street

1629 Sunset Street Apartment Complex